Saturday, January 16, 2010


Jeffrey and Megan are Legomaniacs. Over the Christmas Break, they spent hours building LEGO Creations using Jeffrey's 20+ year old LEGO Collection. Megan enjoyed having her big brother, Jeffrey, teach her some inside tips on being a LEGOMANIAC.

Megan continues to build with LEGOS most every day. Her LEGO village gets larger and more detailed each time she sits down to create.

Jeffrey's LEGO Collection is UBER Organized. Pieces are sorted by color, size, shape, etc. He still has many of the pictures and instructions from individual LEGO Sets.

LEGOS are seriously one of THE BEST toys ever...for boys and girls, young and old. Jeffrey proved that you are never too old for LEGOS.
Did you love LEGOS as a child?
Do you still love LEGOS as an adult?

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