Saturday, January 16, 2010

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

And Another Project In The Works....Seriously!
Here is one last look at the Tile/Marble before it is gone gone gone.
Megan rolled her sleeves up and went to work on the tile demo and removal.
Andrew spent his last few days in town working his tail off....chipping scraping, moving furniture, etc.
Andrew was an amazing part of moving this project along. (We need him to come home when it is time to move the furniture back in place)
Megan used her serious Ninja Skills in the demo process.
The Dining Room. Dust Dust Dust is in every pocket of our house!
The Dining Room as of this morning! Light at the end of this messy tunnel!
The Kitchen Nook at the end of today!
And the NEXT PROJECT.....These walls need a new coat of paint!!!!! Decisions Decisions Decisions. I want to go warmer and intense, but if I do that...ANOTHER PROJECT will be in order..painting the ceilings.
Since our eventual goal is to SELL this house and down-size (no stairs), I will keep the paint more subdued and neutral. Stay tuned for more progress!

1 comment:

Cathi said...

Love the new floors!
My advice? Go one level but not smaller. You'll have a bazillion grandchildren running around before you know it and you will MISS the room!
Hugs & Misses!!