Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Is Right With The World

THE Cookies Arrived In The Mail Yesterday
THE Cookies as in, Family Tradition Valentine Cookies made by my MOM and carefully packed for shipping to each of her Children and Grandchildren! The boxes full of love were delivered all over the United States this year. When the boys were serving missions, they could count on a package filled with Grandma's Valentine Cookies....even in South America!
These are not just an ordinary sugar cookie with icing. The cookie dough and icing are both unique. The icing is made with melted Red Hot Cinnamon Candies and the dough has rolled oats in it....I want the recipe...well...if I had not LOST the family cookbook my sister compiled...maybe I could share it. ( I cannot blame this loss on the remodeling project I am STILL in the middle of..this happened months ago and still baffles me) I just noted that I shared this recipe last year click HERE for the family secret (Now I dont have to call my sister for a recipe like I do so many times per month!)
When our cookies arrived yesterday, I quickly did some math (not my strong area, but this was easy math) There are FOUR people living at our house and there were SIX cookies. Ummmm...Ron, if you are reading this, yes, there WERE some cookies ( we each had TWO with a tall glass of milk!) Later I would learn that my parents were being supportive of my 50 by 50 project and were POSITIVE I would not be indulging. Trust me, some things must not be sacrificed. Two Valentine Cookies from my mom are in that category.
As a child, we would make these cookies and put some on a plate for friends and neighbors. We would run to their door, put the cookies on the porch, ring the doorbell and RUN. This was fine in Utah and Idaho, but when we moved to Missouri and New Jersey...the Knock and RUN for Valentines Day Treats was not a local custom, so we stopped the Knock and RUN approach for delivering Valentine Cookies.
My earliest recollection of eating these cookies was while sitting in our kitchen in Pocatello Idaho when I was 7 or 8 years old and it was SNOWING outside and I did not want to go out in the snow to deliver cookies. Guess what...I went out in the SNOW after all.
Anyhow.....enough rambling...even though I could go on and on about the many years of tradition and surprising people with these delicious Valentine Cookies.
Click on these links to see that I truly have talked on and on about these cookies HERE and HERE
Thank you Mom!!!!!!
I love you!
Happy Valentines Day
Do You Have a Valentine Tradition?

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