Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Magical Day

"Have a Magical Day" were the parting words from the Disney World Parking Lot Booth Attendant (how would you like to say that all day as part of your job after you charge $14 for people to park their cars in your Magical Parking Lot?)
...and a Magical Day we had! Magical weather, Magical company, and Magical Food!
My sister, her 4 little ones, my 2 little girls and me! We ate and played our way through The Magic Kingdom at Disney World last week!
Do not be grossed out...Turkey Legs and the Funnel Cakes in Frontier land are at the top of our "Must Eat" list when we are at Disney World!
After a wonderful day at Disney, we headed to our house in WPB for the balance of the weekend. My parents, sister, her children, and our family have enjoyed the past few days playing, eating, and SWIMMING, yes, the NORTHERN cousins could not resist our COLD as ICE pool.
Now it is back to reality...cooking alone, piles of laundry and not a large enough group of adults to play Phase 10 with.
Our Magical Day made for a Magical Weekend!


Erika said...

In all the endless times I've been there, I've never eaten a turkey leg. Though, I've also never left the park WITHOUT eating a pineapple Dole whip! They haunt my dreams between visits, lol.

Jenni said...

It was magical, wasn't it?! SO glad we did it. Now,where to find those pants...baby girl.