Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympian In Training

I am fascinated by the Curling Competitions at The Winter Olympics. (Admit are, too)
Yes, I love the Ice Skating , Skiing, Bobsledding, and Snow Boarding, but the Curling Competitions draw me in and keep me watching.
I am intrigued to the point that I would LOVE to be a "Curler" (on ice, not in hair). Another benefit...I dont think I would have to live in a COLD climate to train for this Olympic Sport.
Yesterday, as I was mopping my floor (yes, you know where this is going), I had a flash of "ah ha"....I have been training for the sport of Curling for most of my entire life and I didn't even know it. Who would have thought...Brooms, Mops, and Vacuums are the training tools of Olympic Champions! I am an Olympian in Training, Yes I Am!!!!
What Winter Olympic Sport fascinates you?

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heather said...

SO funny! I have never even understood curling (I may have even made fun of it), but this Olympics our family is obsessed! We've watched a ton & I know all the rules now. We're even heading to an open house on Saturday at the local club (who knew we had a local club even?). My favorite part..."in the house"...a little curling slang for ya! :-)