Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Awkward Indeed

I was invited to attend a Baby Shower luncheon today. The shower was actually for the Grandmother of the new baby. I put some diapers, an outfit for a GIRL, and some other baby items in a gift bag and headed off to the luncheon.
The guest of honor arrived and soon the conversation was focused on her new grandSON (I brought a gift for a GIRL) Oh my, I thought, how will I handle this awkward situation. It will be very obvious that I did not pay attention to the birth announcement on Facebook, etc. Oh My, what to do....what to do....WHAT TO DO...
The gift opening started and I was still squirming and thinking about how I would handle it when she opened the gift containing the diapers and obviously GIRL outfit.
This was not a group of friends I spend much time with, and I just knew a few of them would not think this was amusing. opportunity came to fix the situation....Halfway in to opening the gifts, our server entered the room and offered to take a group photo. Yes! Yes! YES! Everyone lined up for the photo and I have a brilliant thought....
Just reach over to the gift and pull out the GIRL outfit while no one is looking...SO I DID and No one saw.
I tucked it under my jacket and went to my seat. Thank goodness for a tablecloth on the table. It enabled me to hide my purse as I tucked that GIRL outfit safely inside.
There was still enough of a gift inside the gift bag to not notice the missing GIRL outfit.
Serioulsy, using a Gift Bag vs my usual "froo froo wrap it up big wrapping style" saved the day.
Whew...awkward situation that only I ended up knowing about.
And this was the CALM part of my day...

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Casey Gentle said...

I kept asking when my cousin's baby shower would be for months last summer. She has a girl before and was getting ready to have a boy. When they announced KATIE ANN was born, I was so excited for the surprise. However, surprise on me. Everyone knew it was a girl. Where in the world did I come up with the boy? At least you made it out without being too embarrassed.