Monday, March 15, 2010

Retreat For Girls

I could have written this post (almost) from a mother's perspective.

When they were 12 & 13, Jeffrey and Andrew went to Academy For Boys before they were old enough to attend Especially For Youth (EFY) Programs at BYU, Rexburg (BYU-I), and Atlanta. Curt did not attend Academy For Boys (I dont think we knew about it when he was 12) but went to EFY every summer of his 14-18 year old season.

My children live where there are very few members of their faith and very few peers and/or social activities that support their beliefs. I was grateful to have Academy For Boys and EFY for the boys to attend each summer. In fact, our summer vacations were planned around the session times for Scout Camp, EFY, and Academy For Boys.

Many times as the boys were growing up, we wondered if, other than us, they had enough support to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. Well, many prayers combined with some dedicated Primary, Sunday School, Seminary, and Youth Leaders joined with programs like EFY and Academy For Boys and they are three wonderful grown men. All three are Eagle Scouts, Returned Missionaries, and true their Baptism and Temple Covenants.

Fast forward to our second little set of children. We are just entering the Teen years and in need of as much support as possible to bring these girls safely through this season ahead. How sad I was to learn that Academy For Girls was no longer offered, yet how ELATED I was to learn of RETREAT FOR GIRLS.

One guess as to where Katherine will spend a week this summer! She is already registered and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do the same for your daughter...TODAY....regardless of where you live, find a way to get her there.

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