Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like Grains Of Sand

Describing my Time Out For Women experience is like trying to count grains of sand at the beach. There are so many directions I could go when sharing my feelings...almost too many to count. Add to that, the experiences and comments from those around me, and the impact of the TOFW experience reaches far beyond what can be counted or measured.

I got to see Alison! She is so patient with my "flitting around"! Yes, I know my eyes are closed! Friday night, Sherri Dew spoke of a prompting she received that "she had the TV on too much". Not with anything inappropriate, just that it was on too much (I totally get the need for background noise). The solution she shared reminded me of a change I made (after another one of her messages a few years ago) yet, had slowly slipped back to having "Yappy TV "on in the background. She replaced having the TV on with listening to Conference Talks. LOVE IT! She followed a prompting, changed her behavior, and receives blessings as a result. I am back to keeping BYU TV (totally love the blessing of Satellite TV) on during the day (if it is on at all) and now the Conference Talks are riding around town with me. Now, here is where the Grains of Sand come in to focus. This seemingly simple change that Sherri made, not only affected HER life, but now has an impact on MY daily life, which has an impact on those I live and associate with each day (which is a loooong list on any given day) and so on and so forth...Try, Just Try to count the number of people who have been impacted by Sherri's choice. to obey, act, and share.

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KYoho said...

Sherri shared that same experience at TOFW SLC last fall...I've thought about it a lot since then as well!