Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pics Tell The Story

Day Two of Time Out For Women....
I needed to be at the Convention Center by 7:15AM.
No hotel was across the street...I was walking over.
Well....long story, short, some serious detours came my way and I was I did not look in a mirror before I left OR at any point during the day. The photos from the day are now all over Facebook and my Scarf tells the story of my hurried morning. The lime green scarf NEVER got "fixed" the way I intended it to wear it. At first, it was functional....I was COLD...then as the day went on, it was to be for a splash of color.
I am sure everyone around me was being kind, or maybe, because we were mostly Florida girls (hence, we are scarf-wearing challenged), no one really had a better plan for my scarf.
Anyhow, scarf or not, Time Out For Women was FABULOUS. FABULOUS at every level. So much to share and report, which I will do.....soon....very soon!

Alix, Me, and Rebecca

(Alix is 17 and an amazing Young Woman. I keep telling her that she will be Florida Time Out For Women Team Lead of her Generation) Her mom, Rebecca is an amazing person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the women I meet and work with as a result of TOFW. I feel like I have sisters in every corner of Florida.

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Casey Gentle said...

I SOOO missed out. Dang it! Wish I could've been there. I thought about you all weekend while I was stuck in a super hot house with my husband's family while he was out having fun. But I had to take my baby to meet his family. You certainly have a sister in NE Florida anytime you are remotely close (i.e. St. Augustine) I'd love to meet up. Maybe a temple day!