Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Under Construction

When Megan asked this question today, I KNEW the house remodeling project was either dragging on or she had just accepted the fact that all of our furniture was permanently stored upstairs or in the garage (yes, we are still under construction)
"Mom, are we going to have our couches back by my Birthday?"
(Her Birthday is in AUGUST!)
Ummmm, yes, Megan,with a little luck, our furniture will be back in place NEXT week and maybe, just maybe, I will get the remaining dust layers cleaned.
I haven't posted much about this project lately as I think life just keeps rolling forward, with or without the furniture in place or the dust layers wiped away.
For now, I am off to Time Out For Women in Orlando, where I will certainly find a couch to sit, sleep, rest, etc. on...

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