Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emergency Training Meeting

I am home with a million things in my heart I want to write...maybe even TWO million.
This past week was THAT WONDERFUL.
Sister Julie Beck opened BYU Women's Conference with the following statement (paraphrased):
'When I meet with groups of Relief Society sisters
from all over the world,
I feel like I am conducting an
When Sister Beck sat down, my friends and I all said, 'we can go home now', meaning that her words were amazing and what more could we possibly learn that day. Thankfully, each workshop we attended over the next 2 days was "icing on the cake" and supportive of the doctrines Sister Beck so effectively taught.

What a blessing to be taught (trained) by such a wise and in-tune woman. She is truly the leader for living in a time such as this. Click HERE for a report with some links to recent messages from Sister Beck.
Here is a message "Teaching The Doctrine of The Family" from Sister Beck. This is one I will print out and study study study.

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