Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day and Great News

Jeff, Alison, and my parents came to town for Mother's Day. It made for some spectacular Phase 10 Games and plenty of food (when we are together-we have to eat every 2 hours-just an unwritten family rule) Alison and I managed to get some shopping in on Saturday and they men-folk got a game of Basketball in.
Here is everyone after Church. It was HOT and no one wanted to be in their Church clothes any longer than necessary. ( While I was in Utah freezing, summer settled in...we went from winter to summer in one week.)

Jolynn's car in the Parking Lot after Church Meetings. This is one of my favorite Mothers Day pictures. Her children and Grandchildren were NOT in Sunday School-obviously! The next day, she was still driving around town with the de-flated balloons still attached and flapping in the wind. it was so cute to see her headed down the road all decked out.
Ron grilled Steaks for us and we settled in for a wonderful dinner. Megan made this cake for me and I am much more excited that this photo lets on.
We had to clean this dinner mess up so the Phase 10 Competition could begin.
After dinner, Megan demonstrated her latest Karate moves. Ah yahhhhh! In the background are all the goodies packed up for Alison to use in her classroom.

Great News!!!!! I got a new Camera for Mothers Day. As soon as I have time to sit down and figure it out....the new photos will start to appear. For now, I am still using my camera all held together with packing works!

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