Thursday, June 10, 2010

From My Visiting Teacher

I have an amazing Visiting Teacher.
This is what she gave me this month:
How To Start A Day Off Right
  1. Offer a Prayer, thanking God for life and hope.
  2. Look into a mirror and smile.
  3. Compliment someone close to you.
  4. Look outside and locate something positive in what you see.
  5. Sing, whistle, hum, or a recite a happy son.
  6. Read a scripture and/or an uplifting thought.
  7. Dress as comfortably as possible and allowable
  8. Eat a nourishing and healthy breakfast
  9. Preview the day ahead and look forward to accomplishing something important to you.
  10. Repeat the following affirmation (or make up one of you own):
I am a child of God-special, unique and worthwhile. Special because I am a child of God, Unique because no one in God's entire universe is exactly like me. And worthwhile because God didn't make anything without value.

Life is very good and the above will make it fabulous!
Thank you to a very tuned in Visiting Teacher!
How do you start your day off right?
Which of the above makes the most difference in your day?
Happy Summer!!!!!!!

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