Thursday, June 10, 2010


As of today, I have had two major "light bulb" moments in the Oatmeal Department.
Yes, Oatmeal.....stay with me on this one.
  • 1) A few years ago, I saw my dad cooking his morning oatmeal in the microwave. It was life changing (at least for my morning oatmeal preparation) and became the way my family prepares Oatmeal every day (except for Steel Cut Oats)
  • 2) Yesterday, I read in the Palm Beach Post about preparing Oat Meal (Steel Cut Oats, to be specific) over night  in a slow cooker (that is a lovely word for Crock Pot)
Again, life changing information as I prefer to cook and eat Steel Cut Oats, however, the preparation time prevented me from eating them most mornings.
Last night, I placed 5 Cups of Water and 1 Cup of Steel Cut Oats in my Slow Cooker and set it on low. This morning... we ALL had Steel Cut Oats for breakfast and were on our way for the day.
As a child, I did not like Oatmeal (except for in cookies).
I can honestly say, as an adult, I used eat Oatmeal because I felt that I HAD to for health benefits. Now, I eat Oatmeal because I WANT to and I LIKE it.

What small revelations have you had that make a BIG difference?
How do you cook Oatmeal?
Any other tips for saving time yet, still eating well?

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