Thursday, July 8, 2010

Earning Mom Points and Conquering Fears

A Few quirks at the top of "My Fears" list....
The Dark
Water, as in swimming and Deep Bodies of Water
Germs at Water Parks (and lots of other places)
I took a deep breath, put them ALL aside and had a
WONDERFUL time at The Rapids Water Park with Megan
                               Do not be fooled.... I did not stay on the calm Lazy River...
I went on "Black Thunder" which takes in every fear all at once.
I loved it...
Big Thunder, however was my Favorite...Go Figure.
I can't believe I am typing those words.
Yes, I made friends with Big Thunder and would go again and again.
And the mom points? Well...just going to The Rapids earns double mom points, but going on all those slides? I am paid forward for a while.


Casey Gentle said...

The cool points are out the window. I went there in 1999 with my best friend. Super cool!!

KYoho said...

wow that place has changed so much since I was a kid