Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

Happy #29 Curt
 (Really...he is 29 and not just saying "29 and holding")
I did not know it was not "normal" for a child to ...
*Walk at 8 months old
*Talk in complete sentences at 1 year old
*Read when he was 3 years old
*Wear a 3-piece suit to First Grade
*Carry a Briefcase when he wore that suit to school
*Join The Chess Club in 1st Grade (and win all the time)
*Be a Concert Pianist
*Play The Organ for Church at 12 Years Old
*Get Perfect Grades without studying
*Read every book in sight
*Be obedient, loving, and kind to all
*Be such a joy to raise
What I DID know was normal is that I LOVED this little guy from the moment I knew he was on the way and that love continues to grow with every passing year.
It is bittersweet to have my children grow up, leave home, and live so far away, however, I would not want it any other way (except for the living far away).
It  is a pleasure and blessing to be Curt's mom! (And yes, I am old enough to be his mom)
I love you, Curtie!
Happy Birthday!!!!!

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