Monday, July 5, 2010

I Am On The Tour

Le Tour de Ultima, that is....
So while my children are traveling all over the place, I am home taking care of myself. I am exercising every day and back to the classes I love...Indoor Cycling (aka Spin Class)
plus a few others.
Yesterday, Le Tour de Ultima started and I am on the Tour. By July 25, I have to complete 20 Cycling Classes. The own Yellow le Tour de Ultima Shirt (see the logo on the right flier)
This should be very easy as last week I completed 5 classes and the week before I did the same. There are 9 Indoor Cycling classes offered each week and I love them all.
You will see me wearing my Yellow shirt...yes, Lance Armstrong Yellow!
Go Team Shauna!!!!!!

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Laurel said...

go team shauna!