Sunday, July 4, 2010

What It Is All About

Attending Church on Independence Day was the most perfect way to celebrate what America is all about.
Because this was the first Sunday of the month, members of the Congregation are given the opportunity to share their Testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ dung our worship service.
More than half of the people who spoke were from another country and when they spoke, it was obvious that English is not their first language.
Their great love for this nation, our  freedom, and the opportunity to worship as they choose was a consistent theme throughout the meeting.
Independence Day feels like a Religious Holiday, especially today.
After all, we are One Nation, Under God... This is truly what today is all about.

Today and every day....
I love The United States of America!
I love Patriotic Music-especially singing it in Church. It is very emotional for me to sing or hear Patriotic Music and very rare that I am not choked up  before the song is over.
I am grateful for those who have fought so hard to defend and protect everything that is great about this Nation.
Thank you to those who continue this fight every day!
I am proud to be an American!
In some small way, I am thankful for the heavy rain we have had in South Florida all evening. We could not go out to see Fireworks so we stayed home and watched The Capital 4th Program on TV. It was fabulous!!!!

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