Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prayers and My Own Dr Oz

It is no secret that I am working hard to improve my physical health. In January, I thought losing 50 pounds by my 50th Birthday (August 5) would be a great goal, so off I went.
I was working out with P90X and changing my eating habits and attitudes...putting myself at the top of my "to-do" list.
Ten pounds came off and then...
Injuries. Then MORE injuries...and MORE.
My back, knees, hip, feet, etc. They all took turns being injured.
Each injury would set me back on my exercise and eating.
It became a vicious cycle of heal, exercise, eat well, become injured.
Pack the weight back on.
In late April-early May, I knew I had to figure out how to get this weight off my body and break this cycle. It is not a matter of vanity or just wanting to look good, it is a matter of medical necessity (aka quality of life or early death)
Late May came the Kidney Stones and more resolve to DO SOMETHING about my physical condition.
It seemed that in every other area of my life, I was feeling great, but knew this would soon suffer if my body did not come along for the feeling great experience.
My head and spirit felt stronger than ever. My prayers were regular and sincere. My spiritual study was better than ever, but my body was not matching all of this.
For a few days, my prayers were pleading prayers of how can I best change my body. It came to me very strongly that I should return to exercise at the gym I have been a member of for 15 years. So I did...reluctantly.
I love the gym I go to but remember feeling the need for a change when I stopped going regularly. Ten years ago, I worked with an AWESOME trainer who helped me be in the best shape I had enjoyed since the girls were born.  When he left the gym, I did not work with another trainer and just "went it on my own".
This was fine for a few years and then I felt the need to work with a Trainer again for just a few months to get back on track. BAD EXPERIENCE. The second trainer was just not good (long story for another day)

Now here I am in 2010 following my the answer to my pleading prayers...go back to the gym...your regular gym.
I entered the gym and the spirit told me that I needed to work with a Trainer......Someone who could help me understand why I kept getting injured, work with me on my nutrition, and motivate me to keep on with my goals in spite of very little progress.
I wrestled with those thoughts for a few days...I know most of the Trainers and was not jumping excited to work with any one of them...not the mention...the money..the time...what if I don't like the new trainer I hire (Breaking Up Is Hard To Do)....

Soooo I followed another answer to prayer...
Interview and Audition Trainers.
Be up front and tell them what your goals are...
Tell each one that you are not hiring any one Trainer until you have tried several.
And that is what  I set out to do.
It was not as long a process as I thought it would be.
The Lord took care of me and sent THE PERFECT Trainer to me on the FIRST audition.
He is new this gym...someone I had never met. His experience and credentials are amazing.

Two Days per week...
He listens to me.
He pushes me.
He teaches me.
He is helping me help myself.

And every day, I realize...
He was truly an answer to my prayers.
I feel as though I am training with Dr Oz...seriously. 

When I turned 40, I remember my Dr telling my that the closer I got to 50, I would have to fight for every ounce that came off my body. I believe every word of that and I am thankful for my current strategy in this fight!
I have changed my goal to 50 in my 50th Year rather than 50 by 50. It is realistic and I am fighting to make it happen.

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