Saturday, July 3, 2010

Twenty Four

My 6' 3" Baby Boy is 24 Years Old Today!
This is one of my favorite pictures. It is Andrew and my Dad on Andrew's 2nd Birthday.  Andrew wanted to go to accompany Grandpa to his early morning Church Meetings that day, but had to wait to ride with the rest of us. Although Grandpa made up for it later in the day. While at Church, Grandpa took Andrew to the Library and Photocopied his actual hand. I still have the copy in Andrew's Baby Book.
This is a very historic Birthday moment for Andrew...he actually celebrated his 4th Birthday in Florida. This was unusual because we were generally in Atlanta celebrating the 4th of July and Andrew's Birthday. My mom would gather up her neighborhood children and make sure Andrew had a great celebration.
Even though Andrew picked all the GREEN plums off of Grandpas new Plum Tree, he still let Andrew help with yard work.
This was Andrew off to his first Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday, Andrew!
I love you!!!

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Jenni said...

Those are some sweet photos of Andrew and Grandpa, they are still like that today!