Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back In Business

The Mystery of being unable to upload photos to Blogger is SOLVED!
(ummmmm..surprise....I had reached my quota of photos that my Picasa Album could store...really...me?!...reach my photo quota?)
Just in time for the continutation of Family Birthday/Anniversary Season.
And just in time to share for my dad's Birthday.
Did you know he used to be a Limo Driver? Just look at this photo below...
Yes, this is at Newark Airport, December 1986. "B&L" Limo Service (aka my dad) was there to greet my brother, Brent, as he arrived for Christmas Vacation. Brent just walked right by his "driver" with the dark glasses who had rolled his pant legs up and partially removed his dentures.
And then there was the title of Motor Cycle Driver....
My brothers and I prayed every day he would NOT drive it by us at the Bus Stop.
Happy Birthday, Dad!
I love you!

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