Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Head Is Still Spinning

Saturday, July 31....
  • Went to my 2 Hour Marathon Cycling Class
  • Came Home and Showered
  • Ran Errands, with my last stop at The Grocery Store
  • Came home with my hands full of Grocery Bags and got THE SURPRISE OF MY LIFE!!!!! My children, parents, and brother, Brent were all in my dining room yelling SURPRISE! Ron had arranged for everyone to come to town for my BIG FIFTY Birthday Celebration.
Photo is very blurry...I'll re-post a clearer shot when I receive it. My face tells the entire story. If you are on Facebook, it is posted there and very clear to see.
When I caught my breath and absorbed the situation at hand, I suggested to Ron that we take everyone out to dinner. He asked me where and I suggested Olive Garden as I felt that they could seat 12 people on a Saturday Night with a minimum wait.
Off to Olive Garden we went and MORE SURPRISE!
  • I had to visit the Ladies Room before we went to our seats (not a surprise)
  • Andrew waited for me to show me where we were seated.
  • As he escorted me (pushed me) through the Restaurant, I was saying hello to people I know from around town and not focusing on what was ahead.
  • What was ahead???
  • The entire Back Room FULL of people I know and love yelling SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!
  • Ron had arranged a BIG SURPRISE BIRTHDAY DINNER ( it was so convenient that I "suggested" Olive Garden for our family group...played right in to his plan)
  • I had NOT ONE CLUE that my family was all coming to town (which was enough of a surprise) OR that Ron had been planning planning planning a huge Birthday Dinner Surprise for me over the past month.
I think my head is still spinning and I have not absorbed the exciting events of the past few days. Everyone had to leave yesterday (except for Andrew...he is still here) and I am still going over and over the details of the past few days.
It is VERY DIFFICULT to surprise me and Ron did it! There was not one minute I even thought there was something going on behind the scenes.
Thank You, Ron! I love you!
Thank You to many friends and family! I love you all!

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Laurel said...

this makes me SO HAPPY!!

love that you were surrounded by love on your big 5-0. (which I still can't believe)