Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Go To" Girl Comes Through

Ron needed photos from way back when.
I was his first "Go To" person.
(Don't complain when you see me snapping away with the camera...
I will be your first "Go To" person in 20 years... just wait and see)
Curt's first T-Ball Team...Do you think we have pictures?
Do I think? I know.
Who would have ever guessed that one of the members of Curt's first T-ball team would eventually come to work for Ron and that 23 years later, Ron would ask me for a Team Photo so he could decorate Trae's office for his 30th Birthday.
I find it interesting that Curt's first T-Ball Team was sponsored by Kretzer Piano and Organ. It was a sign of his budding talent yet to be unleashed...and the Scholarship they would present him as a High School Senior.
Summer 1987
I did not even have my own camera back in the day
Now, I don't leave home without my little camera.
Who would have ever thought I would be the
"Go To" girl for photos and memories.
The photo quality is not that great,
but the memories are priceless.

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Boyd said...

Being a "go to" girl is better than being a 'go go' girl. Keep up the good work.