Friday, August 20, 2010

Queen Of The Varsity, Catering, and Thanksgiving Dinner

 Yes, there is a Queen of The Varsity in Atlanta.
It is my mom!
Here is my dad placing the Varsity Queen Crown upon her head.
And for those who are wondering if
Catering and The Varsity
should be used in the same sentence...
Here it is...
See the sign in the upper right hand corner.
Why not let The Varsity Cater your next Party or Event?
Speaking of catering your next party or event....
Family Reunion? Thanksgiving Dinner? Varsity?
How does that sound in the same sentence?

Celebrate with me!
My new scanner is connected and already working hard.
The above photos are some of the first.
I just scanned an entire group of pics from June 2000-Atlanta!

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