Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walking Out

Embarrassed to Admit...
  • We took our daughters to an inappropriate (not a harsh enough description) movie last night.
  • I judged it by one hilarious trailer and did not read reviews or look at any other promos (so unlike me)
  • My daughters invited friends (the parents of each one said they could not go...I did not realize that MAYBE they were saying NO because of our choice in movies.YIKES!)
Not Embarrassed to Admit...
  • We left that movie within the first 3-5 minutes. Yep...the four of us just got up and walked out. There was no hesitation. We just knew it was time to go.
Sad to Report...
  • The Theater was FILLED with pre-teens and young teenagers, most were Middle School Age...most without adult supervision...most ALL were laughing and soaking in every filthy word and action.
  • It will take a long time to remove some of the images/words/conversation heard from our minds.
Happy to Report...
  • I will remain vigilant regarding the Media I expose myself and family to.
  • It felt so good to walk out of that Theater!!!
  • We asked our daughters to tell their friends that they walked out of that movie and that we made an error in judgement.
Have you ever walked out of a movie, concert, or performance?

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Curt Hostetler said...

Yes, we have. Not too much good coming out these days. We're not quite like Grandpa's movie watching habits, but we only go to the movies about twice a year and watch movies at home only about 10 times a year.