Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Preparation This Weekend

With THREE (maybe 4) Hurricanes dancing out in the Atlantic,
it is a signal...Labor Day Weekend in approaching.
here in Florida, we will NOT be spending
Labor Day Weekend doing this...
Or Cleaning Up from This...
Or This...
Or any other Storm-Inflicted Messes.
No, Ron does not get to break out the tools and be dog-dead tired from preparing our house for a Hurricane. In fact, contrary to popular thought, we rarely get hit by Hurricanes here in South Florida. We watch them closely, prepare for them, and then they turn to the North.
These Photos are from the 2004 Preparation and Aftermath of Hurricane Frances, which was quickly followed by Hurricane Jeanne 11 days later.
Sorry, Ron, no preparation excitement this Labor Day Weekend.
To my family and friends in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Rhode are welcome to head to FLORIDA for safety from the storm!

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Casey Gentle said...

Jeanne came in for my wedding. Evidently she wanted to make her grand appearance since she wasn't officially invited. But she didn't ruin my day. It was still wonderful. :)