Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Say No

To Barbie and all her friends!
Thankfully, my girls were never that Barbie crazy, but if there were, this would be the last straw. The link is from my friend, Kristine and she took the photo at Toys R Us yesterday.  Sorry, Barbie and are NOT getting any dollars from me as a mother, Grandmother, Aunt, or Friend. I will not knowingly purchase anything made by Mattel Toys...The party is over! Go to this Mattel Toys link to see just how many toys they make/distribute.
Truly, you don't want me to get on my rant about Barbie and all her friends. I had a few Barbies, they were usually gifts, but should count myself blessed that my parents could not/would not spend $$ on all the Barbie "stuff".
As I said...the party is over Barbie and your creator, Mattel!!!
I may be one voice, but I am a loud voice, and I ask you to be the same if you are reading this.


heather said...

The link won't work and I am VERY curious as the mom of two young girls!!

Shauna said...

The link was to her comments on Facebook. You can see the photo of the latest Barbie.

Lynelle said...

Heather - I bet her settings are that only friends can see the photo. That's why you and I can't see it.

Shauna, that is disturbing. Very disturbin.

superherotrainer said...

Disturbing!!! Thank you for sharing! I have never really liked Barbie and her unrealistic body. My daughter has only two Barbies. A BYU one my mom gave to me back in college that I let N finally pull out of the box and one of the princess one's from the movies. There is no reason they should be teaching young girls (who the dolls are targeted to) that it is acceptable to dress this way and to show that kind of cleavage.

Charlene said...

Too bad that Mattel owns Pleasant Company, the makers of the American Girl dolls. I will never, ever be able to give up those. I'm obsessed with them. Such a dichotomy, huh? Trashy Barbie vs. wholesome and educational American Girl. :(