Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today is Rosh Hashanah (Happy New Year to my Jewish Friends), which school for us, which also brings me straight to something that is heavy in my heart and mind.
Stay with me.
Some of what I write, you will have to fill in the blanks because I don't want to give any more attention to the whack-o I refer to at the end of this post.

This morning as I drove home from the gym, I was delighted to see small groups of Orthodox Jews all dressed up and walking around town, yes, walking in 98 degree heat  to and from Temple to worship on Rosh Hashanah. Some were pushing strollers, others were carrying little ones in their arms.
In addition to the walkers, I noted that the parking lot at the Jewish Temple next door to my Church was filled (in fact, the overflow parking filled the lot at my Church-I love that we share on High Holidays).
I wont go in to why some walk and some drive, etc.  as they observe this Holy Holiday, that is not my point.

The thoughts that go through my mind today are this:
  • Watching them practice their faith makes me stronger in my own.
  • I am grateful that my friends are able to freely walk (or drive) to their house of worship today.
  • I am grateful for the freedom they have to worship.
  • I am grateful they are worshipping in peace
  • I am grateful for all of the above because I have the same blessings are afforded to me.
On the flip side:
  • I am beyond upset by those who are irresponsible, irrational, and ignorant when it comes to religious practice, freedom, and tolerance. (Think about what is planned to happen in Gainesville, FL this Saturday-and I don't mean the Gator Game)
Is this whack-job allowed to burn this sacred book?
Yes, but is it responsible or rational? No
He even admitted he has never read it.

What I wish....The Media would just STOP covering this story. STOP giving this man and his plan attention. That is why I tried to not mention his name or post a link to any information regarding this.

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Casey Gentle said...

My feelings exactly. And teaching religious hate, disrespect or burning of one's scripture is NOT acceptable behavior.