Saturday, October 30, 2010


Say it with me....Halloweekend!
Much easier than Halloween Weekend.
Happy Halloweekend
Another successful Trunk or Treat! The TENTH Annual Trunk or Treat, to be exact. I started this tradition for the Wellington Ward in October 2001 right after the 9/11 attacks. No one wanted their children out on Halloween Night and this was a great alternative. For the first few years, it was on Halloween Night, however, I felt it was important for the members of my Ward to spend Halloween Night in their own neighborhoods with their own neighbors. It is the one of the only nights all year when neighbors are out and about.
Now it is usually scheduled the weekend before Halloween.
This was a wonderful end to a day that went something like this:
  • Saw two parents fighting over a parking space in the school parking lot (both were late for the Kindergarten Halloween Parade) One mom GRABBED the other mom's pony tail and yanked her head...YES...TWO GROWN (physically) WOMEN!
  • Called School Police and  then asked them to return at dismissal time as our traffic level was so high due to Halloween parties.
  • EXERCISED...ONE HOUR at high intensity. Oh Yes!
  • Had the BEST WMT CLERK EXPERIENCE ever ever ever. If you live near me...get in Patricia's line. I made sure to seek out the manager and tell her what gem Patricia is. I filled out a form to compliment will be sent to WMT Corporate. She deserves a prize.
  • Bought all the STUFF for Trunk or Treat tonight
  • Took the Andrew (HE IS HOME), Katherine and Megan to the St Peters Pumpkin Patch
  • Set up Trunk or Treat
  • Stopped back at school to work on some Carnival Details (it is ONE WEEK away and will be a ROCKIN event....ROCKIN)
  • Put out some fires at school. Something I proofread did not get changed before it was sent home..Grrrrrr
  • Went to Trunk or Treat
  • Enjoyed the evening!
  • Loaded Photos
  • Blogged
  • RE-group and plan Saturday.

Happy Halloweekend!!!!!!!

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