Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Tradition Grows Up

Our Favorite Part of Stake Conference Is...
The Picnic Afterwards
(No disrespect meant to the many wonderful
messages and musical numbers enjoyed this weekend)
 We have been enjoying this park after Stake Conference for the past 15+years. One day, Chris Rhinehart decided that there had to be a better place than the Church Parking Lot for a Family-After-Stake-Conference-Picnic. He asked a few locals and voila...a tradition was born.
 The picnic started with The Rhineharts, Smarinskys, and Hostetlers. Soon after, the Lance family joined us. Today, many other families joined our tradition. I must say...I miss the Smarinskys and Rhineharts (both empty-nesters now) and today...for the first time, I missed the Lance Family. They are ALWAYS at the park for the picnic after Stake Conference.

 We drive SO FAR to our Stake Center in Stuart, that this tradition has become one of those things that actually makes the long drive and the 2 hour meeting bearable for the kiddies. They anticipate what we will pack for food and enjoy planing with their friends after sitting for so long. It definitely makes the car ride home easier.
 Hanging with friends who are still dressed in Church Clothes and who just came from the same Church meeting you attended is a big bonus for the kids of every age.
 One of my children was discussing the kind of picnic lunch SHE was going to pack for HER children after Stake Conference when she becomes a mother....I think we are on to a tradition here.
 It's a great tradition...and you know I have pictures of picnics from many years I just need the time to scan them. They are pics from when we were a family of just 3 sons. Who would have ever guessed that someday, Ron would be sitting at this park with his DAUGHTER.

This is a tradition I am thankful we have continued.
Interesting, though,when it started,
it just seemed like a nice thing to do.
I did not even think about it becoming part of our family tradtions.
What are some of your family traditions?

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sista # 2 said...

I have that same necklace she is wearing in the last photo! I get compliments on it everytime I wear it!Lots of manequins (sp?)in the window of a boutique had the same one on -all with sweaters-last year.(I got mine at wal mart for $10!!)
I love your tradition!Our stake conference is coming up & hubs gets to sing in a men's group ;)