Monday, October 11, 2010

Nick Arrojo of TLC's "What Not To Wear" was at Visions Salon here in Wellington today. I am excited to say that I found the perfect Hair Model for him....Lacy B! I knew he would love her as soon as he saw her!
Go Lacy!
Go Nick!
Thank You Visions Salon!
I was fascinated to listen to Nick speak about how he built his business, created his products, and how he continues to build his success. His advice to the stylists applies to most any area of life.
One of the wise words of counsel...surround yourself with positive, successful people.
And another...Be Nice!
Lacy is a gorgeous person inside and out. She was the perfect model.
Today was not the day to leave my camera at home, but thank goodness for a camera on my phone....

Just watching made me want to make my hair appointment earlier than planned! I am ready for a fun hair cut! Watch out!

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