Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Season of Busy

My next month is packed full.
Our School Carnival is November 5 (largest event and $$$ maker for the year) After Carnival, things on the School front start to slow down (sort of). In January, it is time to zero in on new Board Members (yes, I get to help choose who takes my place)
It is one of those seasons where life is very bloggable, but the time to post is limited. I may surprise myself and post more often than I think possible.

I must say...I LOVED LDS General Conference last weekend. LOVED every word of counsel. It was the perfect way to enter a very busy season of life. I have enjoyed re-playing each message on  the DVR.
There were so many messages that spoke straight to my heart.
Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf started Saturday Morning by "hitting home-runs" aka delivering fabulous messages. They set the tone for the entire weekend.

I'm off to spend the morning with laundry!

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