Saturday, December 18, 2010


And you thought I was just flying a million miles per holiday season hour....
That is true, however, my excuse for being AWOL from the blogosphere is...
I am computer-less.
And at one point...I was also Phone-less
Generally, I can stay in communication via my phone, but blogging via Blackberry is just  not something that excites me.

I am sitting at the Public Library tying up some loose ends that just had to be addressed in no other way except for a computer. I decided to use my last 10 minutes to check in with the blogoshpere.

School is out and I am looking forward to having an entire week break before Christmas.  Yes, an entire week!!!!

Every day has been packed with parties, rehearsals, deliveries, service, gift-wrapping, etc. I love this season and look forward to more fun this week.

Katherine performs today with Young Singers Of The Palm Beaches and then a solo tomorrow in Church.

Megan's classes downtown are over and as of tomorrow, we are not running around town for rehearsals, classes, performances, etc. Hooray.

I am excited to make our annual visit to Santa and make deliveries to friends all over town. Oh...and the baking...yes...the baking is under way. Katherine is making sure that happens.

Merry Christmas! More to report when I am at my  NEW computer!!!!!!!!

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sista # 2 said...

hey!i am loving our break -of course!love no schedule-no homework-no driving cross town and back several times a day for education -no alarm clock!merry.merry.