Thursday, December 9, 2010

Open For This Season

The Gingerbread Factory is Open!
Twenty Two years ago,
I should have started a log to record how many Gingerbread Houses
I would help make each Christmas season.
I had no idea it would be something I would do for year and years to come.
Tomorrow, I am on Gingerbread Party #3 for the 2010 Christmas Season.
The Beehive Class Christmas Celebration 2010
When the parties are at my house, we make Gingerbread Houses, Gather around my Christmas Tree for a Scavenger Hunt, and end with Christmas Carols and the telling of  THE GOLDEN PEARS story.
As a  young girl, I learned how to make the "real  deal" Gingerbread Houses...
Real Gingerbread, baked from scratch, pieces cut out by hand, etc.
No Gingerbread House kits.
I used to make them every year.
When my son, Jeffrey was in first grade,
his teacher asked me about making small Gingerbread Houses as a class project.
 Well...twenty two year later...he class projects are still happening.
So are the neighborhood parties, groups of friends, Church groups, etc.
It is a gift I give every year.
Tomorrow...guess who is coming to the Gingerbread Party?????
Jeffrey's First Grade Teacher and her 12 year old daughter!!!!!
I am so excited to share this with them!
My guess... I have prepared close to 1,000 of these small houses
over the past 22 years.
Seriously...close to ONE THOUSAND.

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sista # 2 said...

I made my mom's recipe and childhood gingerbread house pattern -a couple times in the past when I hosted my in laws to decorate them. I know the amount of work!! Look at my blog today for my tradition -would work for your houses too!!