Friday, January 21, 2011

Leadership Academy

Last night was the opening night for Palms West Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy. After last night, I am completely excited for the opportunity to be part of the Leadership Academy Class of 2011.
Last night was a mixer with alumni from several years past and then an overview of what we would be learning and participating in over the next seven months.
Our mixer was at THE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR! On Motorcycle Parade Night! 
Our event was held at the South Florida Fair Pavilion, which is not open to the general public. We were in the middle of the fair, but in a nice atmosphere  with great food and drinks (not fair food)
It made for such a fun setting! 
(Added Bonus-My kids got in with complimentary passes, also! Hooray, now we can use our purchased passes next week)
Our meeting was paused when the motorcycles started up and we watched as over 1,000 motorcyclists paraded by. What a sight to see (and HEAR!) After the event, the group KANSAS was took me right back to Junior and High School. They sounded GREAT!
At one point during the meeting, we all had to stand up and introduce ourselves and state why we were taking part in the Leadership Academy.
It made me think very long and hard....not because I wanted to sound good or make a good impression. I wanted to make sure I was there for the right reasons and I wanted what I said in my introduction to be the "right" reason for ME.
It took me a few short minutes to evaluate WHY I  wanted to participate. Once I thought it through, I realized that I am EXACTLY where I want to be.
I am at a crossroad in my life in many directions an this Leadership Academy will help me decide which roads to spend my time on.
I am working with Leaders, Movers, and Shakers from all walks of life in Palm Beach County in a small setting. 
I am excited to soak it all in. 

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