Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Laughs

Yes, Yes, I am somewhat M.I.A from the Blogsphere. 
Lots of household organizing and projects in the works. 
Tonight, I attend the first class of the Palms West Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy. The class meets once per month and is comprised of Community and Business Leaders from all over Palm Beach County. I know this will be a great opportunity for me on so many levels.

In addition to the Nose Job gone bad (see below), here are a few more laughs I have not shared from December's Holiday Hut at School...

1) With Hanukkah so early in the month, it was necessary to devote one day to "Hanukkah Only" shoppers so they could make purchases before their holiday came and went. When a child leaves their classroom to go anywhere in the school, they must bring a buddy. One little boy, who was accompanying his classmate for Hanukkah shopping, looked at his friend and with wide-eyes said, "I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE 'HANUKKAHN'"  So there you have it...a new term and the laughs to go with it.

2) Another little girl said, " I have no idea if my Uncle is a man or a woman" Mmmmm

3) And yet another child, while purchasing a sticky-gooey bouncy ball said, "This is for my Uncle....and I have a very good reason." I think she was tired of people asking her what she was buying for whom and why.

4) Two boys were trying to "one-up" each other back and forth. Finally, one little boy thought he had the most glory and proudly said, "Well my cousin is Miss Rhode Island" The other one quickly answered, "Well that is a SMALL state." 

It really is say the darnedest things....
Now back to the drawers and closets.

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Jenni said...

I love the term Hanukkahn! So cute.

Maybe that boy can introduce us to Miss Rhode Island??