Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All-State Bound and Life

Katherine and I are off to Tampa tomorrow for All State Chorus Weekend. I am excited for some mother-daughter time and to watch the rehearsals and performances all weekend. She has been blessed with a beautiful singing voice and it is wonderful to see her developing this gift.

Tonight is Young Women New Beginnings. Megan is invited, which means, yes, she turns 12 this year. Two Young Women in our household. How did that happen? 

Yesterday, I survived (and survived is an accurate description) the BAK Middle School of The Arts Parent Day-the day that is designated for reserving audition times. When the traffic was backed up on I-95 before getting OFF the exit ramp to 45th Street, I knew I was in for an intense morning. I was right. IT took me an HOUR to drive what would normally take TEN MINUTES.  BAK is such a great school experience and the word is out. There were over  2,000 applicants this year. Say a prayer for Megan.

Katherine has her Dreyfoos Vocal audition the first week of February. Allstate will be helpful in her preparation. Needless to say, we are consumed with audition preparations for the next few weeks. (Thankfully, Megan attended the BAK audition preparation classes all fall at The Armory Art Center-they were amazing!)

And then there is me...
Cleaning and Organizing my house, Exercising, Doctor Visits, planning our spring and summer adventures, learning more about using my new mac, and day to day life. PTA is at a low roar right now and will generally stay that way.

I laughed hysterically yesterday when someone told me about a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (just like our Mr Riley) who was available for adoption at Animal Rescue and was sure we wanted ANOTHER dog. Ummmm NO and NOOOO Thank you. But THANKS for thinking of me...not!

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Best of luck with the music weekend!