Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Nose Job Gone Bad

The Full Story....
I could not make this up.
Conversation  overheard at school between 2  Fifth Grade Safety Patrols:

Boy: How was your Christmas?
Girl: I celebrate Hanukkah
Boy: Oh, well how was your 8 Days of Hanukkah?
Girl: Cant you tell I am Jewish and that I celebrate Hanukkah?
Boy: No
Girl: Look at my nose!
Boy: What?
Girl: I have a Jewish nose. 
Boy:  A Jewish Nose? What is a Jewish Nose?
Girl: Jewish noses are pointed...Well I guess my nose is not that pointed. Many Jewish people have pointed noses.
Boy: Oh
Girl: Except for my mom's friend. She has a NOSE JOB GONE BAD, but when we see her we have to smile and pretend she looks fine.....she DOES NOT look fine.

And I had to go around the corner so I could totally 
CRACK UP with laughter!
The conversations I hear at school could easily become a bestselling book!


love.boxes said...

That is hilarious!

Char said...

Hilarious is only the start!!! I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing.