Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Hundred and Three

Today, I found out that my third grade teacher, Mrs Jones, is celebrating her 103rd Birthday.        I had Mrs Jones at Greenacres School** in Pocatello, Idaho.
She loved music, taught me to love music and had the LONGEST hair ever. She kept her hair  in braids that wrapped around her head a few times. It was a total "school marm" hair do. She had so much energy and I remember her walking with a spring in her step.
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jones.

And how, do you ask, do I know about my 3rd Grade Teacher's Birthday?
I have kept in touch with my friend, Leslie, all these years...we were pen pals forever as I moved all over the USA and most recently....thank you FACEBOOK!

**Yep, there is a Greenacres Elementary School here in FL and my son, Curt attended it for Kindergarten and First Grade. Greenacres is the place to be!!!!!

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