Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Were You

Twenty Five Years Ago Today When The Challenger Space Shuttle Exploded?
I was living in Greenacres, FL with Ron, Curt (4 years) and Jeffrey (2, almost 3). I was in the middle of sewing a maternity dress to be worn while pregnant with Andrew. 
Normally, we watch the launch begin on TV and then run outside to actually SEE the shuttle about one minute after launch. This time...SOMETHING WENT TERRIBLY WRONG. Instead of the flame, we saw huge streams of smoke.
It was the COLDEST day of the year with the BLUEST skies. Visability was perfect. With no clouds in the sky, we were excited to catch a glimpse of the flame attached to the shuttle headed to space. 
The only "clouds" in the sky were the smoke streams from the explosion. The streams of smoke lingered against the clear blue sky all day long as a reminder of the tragedy that  occured earlier in the day.  
We kept going outside to look at the sky and then coming back inside to watch the TV coverage. It was a SAD, SOMBER day in history.
So where were you?
What do you remember?
Have you ever seen a Space Shuttle Launch?

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