Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selling The Garage

Ron was loose with my camera right before the Garage Sale crowds arrived...
This was 1 of 4 Community Garage Sale Days.
 Katherine is quite the business woman. 
 Megan had her own table, also. 
They both made some vacation $ and, most important to me...
got rid of a lot of junk  stuff without me having to tell them to. 
When I told them they could keep the money they earned...
their rooms were instantly cleaned out.
And me...yes...I admit it...all this stuff came from my house. 
It is GONE now and I have the $$ to prove it.
I have been saving a little here and a little there since October.
It added up to a big pile!
I was not able to participate in the last 2 Garage Sale dates, 
so the pile grew and grew and grew.

Look in the background of the pics of the girls and you will see Ron's truck at our neighbor's and another sale in progress. We had a few people from Church come and host their own Garage Sale. Our neighbor is a seasonal resident, so her driveway was perfect while she is up north for the summer.
 I think they were happy with the crowd and the result.
I did not get to roam the neighborhood yesterday, 
but I heard there were several sales going on. The more, the better for each of us.

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