Friday, July 29, 2011

Facing My Fears

My fear of heights has become worse the older I am. 
When I had children, the fear escalated. 
Sitting up high in an arena, conference center, theater, etc. is
so painful that I cannot enjoy the reason I am there. 
Walking on the second story of a mall and seeing the lower level below....oh my!
 And try to push a stroller on that second level...can you say...Take A Deep Breath.
Oddly, I can fly and not even think twice about being up in the air.
Today, I faced my fear of heights head on.
I zip-lined down a mountain in Park City, UT
I LOVED it. I wanted to get right back up to the top and 
zip-line down again.
Isn't that the way MOST of our fears are? We dread something
and then when we have to face it, we realize it wasn't so bad.
Here we are (Ron and I) being harnessed in. It is a good thing
there is a steel door to block the view down the mountain. 
I would have asked to leave (I was thinking about it several times)
 At Olympic Park in Park City
 Ron coming down from the Extreme Zip-Line.
So much fun!!!!

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