Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lion House Taffy Pull and Party

The Lion House in Salt Lake City hosts one of the best Children's parties ever. Taffy Pull, Pioneer Games, History, Stories, Tours, Cake & Ice Cream, Lion House Rolls, Lollipops, and more. This is a "Bucket List" item for me for my children to enjoy this wonderful experience. 
 The girls donned Pioneer Bonnets and the boys wore Coon Skin Hats
We played THREE games-all from my childhood (Thank You, Mom!)
1) Button Button, Who Has The Button
2) Bula Bula (aka Hide The Thimble/Hot and Cold)
3) I'm Going Across The Plains
My sister and I were SO EXCITED when these games of our youth were 
some of the main activities for the party. 
 More Button Button
And the ever-wonderful
 Stretch-Fold Over-Stretch-Fold Over
Wonderful experience.
Thank you, Lion House!

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Jenni said...

A day and trip never to be forgotten!We still have taffy melted to our car door as a little memento!