Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night to Day

The Days of 47 Parade aka The Pioneer Day Parade 
Salt Lake City
Set up for parade-goers started the night before (in our case-24 hours before-seriously)
Sunday evening, all along the downtown parade route, people set up camp and slept in their chosen parade viewing spot. There were inflatable mattresses and sofas, dining room sets, cribs, grills, stereos, lap-tops, card games, bubble machines, jump-roping, skate-boarding, side-walk chalk drawing, sing-a-longs, etc. at what was billed as a "Downtown Slumber Party". Only Salt Lake City could pull off this family friendly event in such a safe and festive manner. All the sleeping in the streets was actually encouraged  by the City. My friend, Stephanie Bollinger and I walked the parade route last night just to people watch. It was fascinating to these two South Florida girls who could never consider sleeping in the streets at home. It was truly people watching at it's best.
Set-up Sunday evening
 Parade Time-
the two canopies were our carefully chosen and guarded parade viewing spot!
 Ready to watch the parade
 Happy parade goers
 Free Shasta Soda! 
My favorite float!!!!
For a girl who considers people watching a hobby, the past 48 hours have been so much fun! OK-the past 3 WEEKS have been SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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