Saturday, August 13, 2011


Megan is 12 today and I have a story to share.
During this past school year, I became aware of a 5th Grade Student who lived with her family in a tent at a nearby Campground. As PTA President, I worked to ensure this young lady had the basic necessities plus a little bit more. As I shared her circumstances with small groups (never her name), others pitched in and did the same. When the 5th Grade Moving Up celebration and Water Park Day came, she had a new swimming suit and a new outfit to wear to the party, compliments of a mother at the school. All year long, clothing, school supplies, Christmas gifts, and more were showered upon her.

Sadly, some of the things she lacked were understanding, non-judgemental friends. She is never included in parties, play-dates, recess play, etc. Her clothes aren't the coolest, her shoes aren't the newest and she does not have the latest toys, electronics, etc. Her peers say she is "weird" and of course, with that label, others are afraid to be her friend because they will be made fun of.
She is a very intelligent young lady, one of the smartest in the grade, yet very misunderstood. Her home life is difficult on many levels and I tried to provide some "bright spots" in her 5th Grade year without her ever knowing I was behind the scenes.
I don't remember discussing her situation with Megan or telling her any of the things that I or others did for this young lady. I don't think I ever asked Megan to be her friend or look out for her, I just quietly went about my business.
On Valentines Day, I made sure she had a "Secret Admirer Lollipop" , at Book Fair, I made sure she had funds to purchase a book, when all the 5th Graders were purchasing their Wall Art Tiles...of course, I made sure hers was purchased (It was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL work of art in the entire grade) I made sure she had a class T-Shirt, etc. is the rest of the story...
Yesterday, I met with one of Megan's classmates and her mother. In a rather disgusted tone, the classmate asked me why Megan was so nice to Amy*. I replied by asking why Megan should not be so nice to Amy*. The girl told me that Amy is weird and no one talks to her except for Megan. She said Megan is nice to everyone and is a friend to everyone. She told me that Megan has never been mean to anyone and the entire grade likes her.
Hello...she is NICE TO EVERYONE. That is OK. That is WONDERFUL. I AM SO PROUD to hear that Megan included Ashley in her activities.

I could not resist taking the conversation further by saying to this young lady, do you know that Amy lives at a Campground and sleeps in a tent most nights? 
Her face dropped and she said she had no idea and she wished she had been nice to Amy like Megan was. 

I do remember watching Megan pull Amy in to the activities at the 5th Grade Party and spending time with her at the Water Park. I did not even think twice about it until yesterday when I asked Megan about her friendship with Amy
She told me that Amy is one of the coolest girls she knows and that everyone is missing out on hearing her tips on how to be a great artist and student. Again...MEGAN... I AM SO PROUD.
She said that people make fun of her for being friends with Amy and she does not care what they say or think.
Megan I am so thankful that you did not have to be told to be kind or friendly to someone in need. You just did what you do a friend to everyone.
On this note....Happy Birthday, Megan! You are already wise beyond your 12 years.
*Name changed
Now enjoy these photos!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Megan!!!!

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