Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dont Laugh or Gasp

Organizing My Week...
This is 7 days of Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals,and Supplements
divided in to morning, noon, and late afternoon doses.
The hard plastic organizers are cumbersome. 
Even the large holders are not large enough to hold all the supplements I take.
I have found the best containers to use are the small
zip-loc type bags made for holding small beads, buttons, or other craft items.
 I place all three packets inside a larger zip-loc baggie and have an entire day in one place. The small baggies are easy to transport in my purse, pocket, etc., which helps with consistency in my supplement routine.
Dr. Oz would be so proud...
Here's to a healthy, organized week!


ellen said...

I hope you don't have an earthquake that messes all those pills up!

john said...

OK, I think I spot the fish oil and calcium. Is that red yeast rice? CoQ-10? Vit. D? and a multi-vitamin? What else ya got there? (comment from Katie, not John)