Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Tradition Lives On

Stake Conference Weekend
Wellington Ward Members have been enjoying a 
post-Stake Conference Picnic for 25+ years.
The Rhineharts and Smarinskys were
 the original core picnic group. 
We have enjoyed this picnic tradition after 
Regional Conferences and at General Conferences 
when we used to spend the day at the chapel watching.
It has been a fun tradition over the years, 
but I will be very happy when we don't have to drive to Stuart
for Stake Conference.
I was looking at these pictures thinking that the location has 
always been the same, but the faces have changed over the years.
We used to have boys with us and now we have girls...
 The Lances have been regular picnic-goers for the past 15 years.
Linda makes THE BEST lunches. I think we should just pay her to
make lunch for all of us next time.
 This was a "hello Taylor and Skylee" pose...
 And another...
(We totally miss Bollingers)
 The Mills...

 Yes, we love the post-Stake Conference Picnic.


john said...

we went to a few of these, fun but often hot.

the Rowleys said...

awww... the memories. I too remember going to those.