Thursday, November 17, 2011

88 To 44 In One Day

I am in Salt Lake City for the week working on Time Out For Women with Deseret Book.
As much as I LOVE this city and Time Out For Women, nothing can take the edge off when stepping out of the airport in to 44 degree weather.
I left record highs at home-88 degrees on Tuesday and I saw that it was 90 degrees yesterday. Yes, in November.
Today, I feel like Ralphie's brother from A Christmas Story when he got all bundled up to go outside and then had to go potty. Lots and lots of layers and no desire to remove even one...for anything. It is just plain COLD.
At 5pm last night, all I wanted to do was go inside, put my pajamas on and bundle up. No going out and about.
The temperatures are supposed to drop each day I am here and snow is in the forecast for the weekend. As much fun as it is to see snow, I forget the COLD that comes with it.
As I was dressing this morning, I was reminded how "winter clothing challenged" I have become. Layering, tying scarves (that is an entire post), wearing tights, boots, and closed to shoes are just things I don't do very often, yet winter clothing is my favorite, just not the cold weather.
I know I will enjoy every minute I am here, just not the cold.

PS-The lights were on at Temple Square yesterday as they were testing them. I LOVED seeing a preview-even in the daylight.

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john said...

Did that when Keith & Stacia got married in late December. Went from low 80's to well below freezing upon arrival at 1:00am.