Sunday, November 27, 2011

Which View Do You Choose?

"Put the world's view of Christmas aside (the Target, Wt ads, etc) 
to focus on the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth." 
President Litchfield
This timely counsel was given by our Stake President today during Sacrament Meeting.
Each Christmas season, I find it that celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ becomes more diluted as the world's celebration of shopping, parties, decorating, and rushing to and fro becomes the standard.
Even with an understanding of the sacredness of this season, it is easy to lose focus of the purpose for the all the celebrating.
As our Stake President spoke, I re-committed to center my celebrations on Jesus Christ and to bring that spirit to my family.
How do you keep the Christmas season focused on Jesus Christ?
How do you teach your children to do the same?

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