Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I saw Candy Cane Oreos today!
It must be Christmas!
What I did not see???? 
Black Friday at it's peak (thank goodness)
After staying home the entire Black Friday (by choice), we ventured out at 9pm this evening to observe the aftermath of the shopping frenzy. We went to my least favorite store (the one I will never name on my Blog-starts with a W and ends with a t). The place was quiet-especially for a Friday night. The cashier told me that from 10pm last night until 4am this morning, it was difficult to move anywhere in the store. People were pushing, shoving, yelling, screaming, and bumping each other with shopping carts. Wow...what a way to usher in the season of celebrating Jesus Christ's birth.

Our trip to the Big W scored candy canes for our wooden Santa and most important of all...
Candy for our annual Gingerbread Houses. 
Welcome Gingerbread House season! Let the Gingerbread House tradition live on! 
I am looking forward to our Gingerbread house parties. 
We are doing it a little differently this year, yet will still share this tradition with those we love. 

Oh, yes it is the season to show love...
I almost forgot when I watched the news and saw the injuries sustained in the Black Friday shopping crowds.
So so sad to start off the celebration of Christ's birth with a greedy, violent, shopping frenzy from coast to coast.
Don't get me wrong..I LOVE shopping, I have my black belt in shopping.
I am just not in favor of the stores opening earlier and earlier with louder and louder hype each year.
This creates a climate of greed and rabid crowd mentality not to mention the fact that we will soon lose the day of giving thanks to the retail voices as they call louder and louder each year to drown out the day we count our blessings aka Thanksgiving Day.
How was your Black Friday?
Did you participate in the shopping before midnight or the all night shopping frenzies?
(It is OK to admit it-as long as you did not ram someone with a shopping cart or spray the other shoppers with pepper spray to give yourself an advantage in the crowd...for real...can you believe it?)

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Becky said...

We spent Black Friday doing an 11 mile hike out in the middle of nowhere. No crowds and no frenzy!